Project Approvals and Documents

The Wollar Solar Farm was granted Development Consent by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces on 24 February 2020. For details of documents considered by DPIE when the solar farm was approved, please visit the DPIE website by clicking here.

The project was also granted approval under sections 130(1) and 133(1) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) in 6th July 2020. For details of this approval please visit the following website by clicking here

Certain conditions set out in the Development Consent require the production of strategies, management plans, programs, monitoring and reports. The table below summarises each of these conditions and provides links to download these documents. Please refer to the Development Consent in conjunction with this table. The Development Consent can be downloaded here.

A modification to the Development Consent was approved by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces on 12 November 2020. Details of this modification can be found here.

Post Approvals Documents

Document Link
Biodiversity Management Plan Biodiversity Management Plan
Traffic Management Plan 20-070 Wollar TMP Final 1.5
Environmental Management Strategy Wollar EMS Final 1.5
Accommodation and Employment Strategy (Stage 2) Approved Accommodation and Employment Strategy
Cultural Heritage Management Plan Approved Wollar Heritage Management Plan
Accommodation and Employment Strategy (Stage 3) ACCOMMODATION AND EMPLOYMENT STRATEGY (STAGE 3A UPDATES)
Complaint Register Complaint Register
Haulage Plan
Haulage Plan
Modification Application Modification Application